Datasets & Code


X-ray images for X-ray testing and Computer Vision

As a service to the X-ray testing and Computer Vision communities, we collected more than 19.400 X-ray images for the development, testing and evaluation of image analysis and computer vision algorithms. The X-ray images included in GDXray can be used free of charge, for research and educational purposes only. Redistribution and commercial use is prohibited.


Defects and No-defects for Inspection of Castings

This is the suplmentary material of the paper presented at WACV-2017 that evaluates 24 different computer vision algorithms on a dataset of 47.520 cropped images that contains defects and no-defects in aluminum castings.


Low-quality AR face images

We release of a new dataset called AR-LQ that can be used in conjunction with the well-known AR dataset to evaluate face recognition algorithms on blurred and low-resolution face images. The dataset contains five new blurred faces (at five different levels, from low to severe blurriness) and five new low-resolution images (at five different levels, from 66×48 to 7×5 pixels) for each of the hundred subjects of the AR dataset.


Dataset for Student Attendance System

This is the database and the code for the Automated Student System that we presented at WACV 2019. The database contains full-annotaed 25 sessions of a classroom with around 70 students. The session images were taken in 15 week during a semester at the School of Engineering at the Catholic University of Chile.